Glover EmpowerMentoring is a leader in Restorative Justice and builds capacity in the city of Kent to foster youth-empowerment and divert youth from criminal justice involvement into positive pathways of education, employment, and healthy relationships.


Step 1: [Prevent youth recidivism and escalation to higher level crimes:] Offer police officers a community intervention as an alternative to filing charges to allow youth who commit property damage or lower felonies, such as Assault 4, to take accountability for charges without the negative outcomes of court and jail involvement.

Step 2: [Utilize cost savings from jail use reduction for positive investments in community safety and police precinct budgets:] Reinvest cost savings to add to the 30 hours of training provided to police officers and meet I940 requirements with enhanced training in cultural responsiveness to invest in our police force for an increasingly diverse City.

Step 3: [Strengthen relationships between local police and the community:] Offer community-based interventions to hold youth accountable.


The Theft 3 and Mall Safety (T3AMS) Project is a pilot project designed to lower the number of youth theft cases and charges in Tukwila at the Westfield Southcenter Mall. Theft 3 cases consist of theft in the amount of $750 or less.


GEM provides immediate services and support to young people at an on-site office. After an initial meeting, GEM connects young people to ongoing services like mentoring, job training, and academic support provided by GEM Case Managers.

·       GEM’s outreach staff at the mall build relationships and promote positive behavior for young people who frequent the mall

·       When shoplifting or other low-level offenses occur, police officers, mall security, and businesses send these cases to GEM’s on-site office.

·       GEM providers immediately meet with youth to learn about their needs and help them write an apology letter if appropriate.


The Truancy Prevention and Education Re-engagement program in partnership with the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office (PAO), focuses on re-engaging youth and finding innovative ways to enforce truancy laws. Through a referral process, the PAO refers 20-25 youth ranging from ages 12-17 years old. Once the referral is received by GEM, high level services provided. Based on the individual needs of the child these services range from education, wellness mentoring circle groups, drug and alcohol treatment, mentorship, and housing.


This mentorship program is designed to inform, interact, inspire and provide beneficial information on addressing dropout prevention/intervention symptoms that prevent youth and young adults from doing what is right for the well-being of self and others. The PAO values, supports, and is committed to truancy prevention and education re-engagement.