Can we count on you…

This year’s GEM Casino Night Fundraiser will take place October 12th, 2019 location TBD.

This year GEM is excited to be sharing this special event alongside of the organizations 5th year anniversary which took place on June 11, 2019.

 The mission of GEM is to inform, interact, and inspire youth and young adults. Through holistic mentoring every youth and young adult is empowered to be principled, responsible, critical thinkers who affect positive change in their community.

 Since our inception four years ago in the summer of 2014 Glover Empower Mentoring has engaged over 200+ youth and 24+ young adults in formal mentoring relationships, for a total of over 6,000 hours of mentoring time. For nearly two years, we have successfully grown our youth engagement and volunteer commitment—taking on an average of one new mentee per month and one new mentor per quarter.

 As you know these supports come with a cost. In a school calendar year, the cost per youth to go through GEM services three times a week is about $250. As we see 100 youth through our services per year we have set our goal at $25,000 to provide our full services to our future leaders in the community.

 For sponsorships and donations, please contact GEM at 253-277-2726 or email us at