Our Mission

To inform, interact, and inspire youth and young adults.

Inform: by cultivating wisdom, knowledge and understanding with integrity
Interact: by building positive relationships and upholding the pillars of respect, trust and love
Inspire: by sharing honest and open life experiences about overcoming challenges and struggles

More Than Mentoring

"GEM does more than offer a safe space for kids , they build transformative relationships with the youth and their influence extends far beyond their after school and summer programs." 

~Sean Goode, GEM Volunteer

Who We Are/Purpose: GEM is a unique mentoring program that addresses dropout prevention/intervention symptoms which prevent youth and young adults from doing what is right for themselves and others. Services include: One-on-One and group mentoring, outside referral services where needed and weekly activities that benefit young men in their daily lives.

How this mentoring program will help our community: Community-Based Mentoring increases the likelihood of regular school attendance and academic achievement and decreases the chances of engaging in self-destructive and negative behavior. A trusting relationship with a caring adult provides stability for a child and often has profound, life-changing effects.

G.E.M. Governance Structure: The Steering Committee is responsible for the development, implementation and oversight of Program strategies.  They provide necessary guidance and support to help ensure the success of the program. These individuals represent different aspects of our community and have a common mission; to help young people succeed. Together, they are committed to mobilizing and addressing the needs and concerns of youth and families in the communities we serve through: Informing, Interacting and Inspiring.